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                与我校合作的国际教育机构CAPA总部【位于美国波士顿)招募 沒錯上海中心兼职学生助理(CAPA办公室在中北校区物理〖楼

                Vacancy for an additional part-time program assistant to support CAPA The Global Education Network undergraduate program at ECNU ZhongBei campus. Suitable for a Chinese ECNU degree student fluent in English and having a flexible around 8-10 hours a week available to interact with CAPA's American students in a mix of day, evening and/or weekend hours - paid  work - more details from Colin Speakman (cspeakmancapa@aol.com).


                About CAPA

                CAPA The Global Education Network is a private American company headquartered in Boston, USA which runs academic programs in London, Florence, Sydney, Shanghai, Buenos Aires and Dublin. CAPA is an established leader in the field of international education, and academic excellence, integrity and innovation in education abroad are at the centre of CAPA's endeavours.